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When we look at masterpieces that artists create we often wonder what inspired them to craft such a design. Our art gallery is filled with a variety of different pieces of work that depicts the artist’s perspective and range for imagination.

From beautiful abstract art to stunning portraits, these works of art are nothing but brilliant. What makes our gallery stand out among many others is that many of our pieces are created by our local artists. Each artist aspires to create artwork that deeply connects with his or her audience, and strives to give you the benefit to be able to add your favorite piece to your interior decor through our art sales.

What makes us unique is that we are providing a venue for local artists to display and sell their art in a friendly relaxed atmosphere that is affordable and diverse in nature. We want to encourage artists in their craft and give them an opportunity that may not be available in more traditional galleries.

For great artwork or art consultation services, contact our art center, City Side Art Gallery in Milwaukee, WI, today!

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